Dseta Company

Improvement of web analytics and user usability

Focusing on the usability of our website improved accessibility and user experience, generating more conversions

Sales Manager

The Challenge

They were lacking effective analytics management and their website structure was not designed with a focus on user usability.

This situation limited their ability to understand user behavior, optimize their website and ultimately improve conversions and customer satisfaction.

The Solution

They started off by installing analytics tools on their website to collect and analyze user behavior data. These tools provided them with valuable information about the most visited pages, the time users spent on their website, bounce rates and many other useful indicators.

In addition, they hired a team of user experience (UX) experts to review and improve the structure of their website. The team worked to make the site more intuitive and easier to navigate, improving accessibility and the overall user experience.

The Impact

This enabled them to make data-driven changes, such as adjusting the layout of pages with high bounce rates or improving call-to-actions on pages with higher traffic.

In addition, restructuring their website focusing on user usability resulted in an improved customer experience. Users found the website easier to navigate, which resulted in an increase in time spent on the website and conversions.