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The power of data:

Boost your digital success

Discover the Insights of Your Business with Digital Analytics.

At FJ Intelligence we understand the importance for each company to know its performance in digital portals. Therefore, our team of digital analytics experts not only develops business strategies based on the results obtained from data, but also displays them in a clear way to provide you with a complete and detailed view of how your strategies are working.

Data integration

We efficiently and securely connect data generated from various digital sources, such as website, social media and marketing campaigns.

Our team works to consolidate and transform that data into meaningful and actionable information. Using advanced tools and techniques, we provide detailed insights about users, their behavior and interactions with the website.

This data integration enables our clients to make informed and strategic decisions to optimize their online presence. Identify growth opportunities, understand your target audience and improve the effectiveness of your digital strategies.

Data integration provides the knowledge and competitive advantage needed to drive the success of any business in today’s digital environment.

Web metrics

Using specialized tools and a meticulous approach, we gather relevant data to evaluate traffic, user interaction and results.

Our Web metrics team analyzes and interprets this data to provide our clients with a clear view of website performance. We identify the most visited pages, navigation patterns, average time on site, and other key KPIs. These insights provide a better understanding of how visitors interact with the website and which areas can be improved.

Web metrics is not just a matter of collecting data, but of converting it into valuable information for strategic decision making. We provide customized reports and analytics that help optimize the website, improve user experience and increase conversion.

Get a clear and detailed view of how the website is performing to take informed action to boost its effectiveness. Boost online presence and achieve digital goals with confidence.

CRM Analysis

Through an advanced analytical approach, we examine CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in detail to extract valuable information and reveal hidden patterns.

We count on a team of data analytics experts who work closely with clients to understand their business objectives and define the key metrics to be analyzed. Through data mining techniques and predictive analytics, they identify trends, target the customer database and detect opportunities for growth and retention.

Our approach is not limited to providing static reports, we also offer dynamic analysis and interactive displays. This allows to intuitively explore the data and discover key insights that will drive informed decision making.

With CRM Analysis, we can optimize business strategies, personalize marketing campaigns and improve customer relationship management. With database analysis, a complete and detailed view of the business can be obtained and strategic decisions can be made based on solid data. Make the most of CRM and databases to achieve solid and sustainable growth.

Business cases

We use the Greek alphabet in our business cases to keep the names of our clients confidential.


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