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The Customer Journey refers to the process a consumer goes through from becoming a potential lead to completing a purchase and beyond. This concept is visualized as a funnel that represents the different stages a customer goes through in their interaction with a brand or product.

The customer journey begins with the awareness phase, where the potential customer recognizes a need or problem. Then, it moves to the consideration stage, where he/she researches and compares different options to satisfy his/her needs. Then, in the decision stage, the customer makes a purchase decision and completes the transaction.

However, the customer journey does not end at purchase as the conversion funnel. It also includes the post-purchase phase, where the customer evaluates his experience and decides whether he is satisfied with his purchase. In addition, the customer lifecycle comes into play, as a customer can become a brand advocate and continue to interact with the company over time.

Throughout the customer journey, companies use lead nurturing strategies to guide prospects through the sales funnel, providing relevant and personalized content at each stage to nurture the customer relationship and increase the likelihood of conversion.