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scroll infinito | infinite scroll

Infinite scroll: endless navigation and the new challenge of digital ethics

Infinite scroll is an interaction design technique that allows users to scroll through a continuous stream of content without the need to click to…
análisis de sentimientos | sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis in social networks: the borderline between what is allowed and professional ethics

It is clear that companies gain an advantage by knowing what people think about them or their products, but how far can they go…
sentimientos en redes sociales | feelings on social networks

Between the Lines and Emojis: The Complex Art of Sentiment Analysis on Social Media

Language is fluid and ever-evolving on digital platforms and social media, where slang is born and dies quickly. Thus, analysis tools must be agile…
filtros engañosos | misleading filters

Goodbye to misleading filters? France takes action against influencers

In the midst of an ever-evolving digital era, the French Parliament has just made a bold move, establishing a solid legal framework for the…
fake influencers

The “fake influencers” exposed and how to avoid them.

Hiring an influencer based solely on the quality of their photos or the high number of followers and likes is one of the biggest…